Launching of the Reforestation Season 2020


On November 8th, 2020, the United States Agency for International Development organized, through the Livelihoods in Forestry project implemented by the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative NGO, a planting day in 8 different areas in Lebanon: Bcharre, Baskinta, Baaloul, Bakka, Rachaiya al Wadi, Sohmor, Yohmor, and Maaser el Shouf. Around 30 volunteers gathered in each of the eight areas to plant 10,000 seedlings of various species in 1 single day while taking the necessary precautions for COVID-19. LRI team provided each group of volunteers with a training on best planting practices and ensured  they were planting the seedlings correctly and using the appropriate planting tools.

With the new events in the country, the #أرزتنا_بتجمعنا campaign reflected how Lebanese people always come together to plant new hope for their country in the hardest conditions. The campaign video that was shared on LRI’s social media platforms highlighted examples of Lebanese people coming together after the Beirut Blast, supporting each other in the economic crisis, as well as people planting trees alongside one another. The campaign highlights how Lebanese people can undergo the most difficult situations, and yet, when it comes to the love of their country, they will be united under one flag.

The campaign also highlighted the importance of planting trees in Lebanon through infographics that show the various benefits of planting trees. Battling climate change, sustaining livelihoods, providing job opportunities, and improving biodiversity are essential benefits for the Lebanese people given their current situation and are at the core of the “Livelihoods in Forestry” USAID project. “Grow Forests, Change Lives”

Seedlings planted in 2020
Launching of the Reforestation Season 2020
Launching of the Reforestation Season 2020 by USAID and LRI
08 November 2020 - 28 February 2021