Fisheries and Ecosystem Based Management for the Blue Economy of the Mediterranean (FishEBM MED)

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A move to more resilient, productive and sustainable fisheries entails an increased focus on the development of value chains, controls (including IUU), integrated management plans (fisheries integrating into the environment agenda) and other tangible measures that have the potential to mobilize both public and private investments. This project contains the following components:

  • Component 1: Strengthened capacity to manage commercial fisheries, with particular focus on Small Scale Fisheries;
  • Component 2: Enhanced integration of emerging monitoring, control and surveillance technologies in the fight against IUU fishing;
  • Component 3: Integrated ecosystem based management tools and ecosystem approach to biodiversity protection and sustainable fisheries;
  • Component 4: Innovative blue economy solutions accounting for the fishery sector; Component 5: Knowledge management and outscaling.

The project will deliver the following GEBs: Improved management effectiveness of 125,845 hectares of Marine Protected Area and 238,000 tons of over-exploited fisheries moved to more sustainable levels.